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Magistrate Judge Roger Cosbey

1130 Federal Building
1300 Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 423-3040

Career Record:
United States Magistrate Judge, Northern District of Indiana,1990- Present; Judge, Noble County, Indiana, Superior Court, 1982-1990; Private Practice, 1975-1981; Admitted to the Indiana bar, 1975;

Western Michigan University, B.A., 1972; University of Toledo, J.D., 1975; Graduate of the Indiana Judicial College, 1987.

Chairperson for the Local Rules Advisory Committee for U.S. District Court, 1999-Present; Allen County Bar Association (Fellow); Indiana State Bar Association; Federal Magistrate Judges Association. Other Law-Related Memberships: Benjamin Harrison American Inns of Court, Fort Wayne, Indiana, President, 1995-96; Board of Directors of Indiana Judicial Conference, 1985-1989

Military Service:
Entered active duty as 2LT, U.S. Army Reserves in 1972; released as Major, JAG Corps in 1992

Publications and Presentations:
Presenter for Seventh Circuit Bar Association and Judicial Conference in Chicago, Illinois; 2002. Publication: "Accelerated Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the United States District Court, Northern District of Indiana," 1991, ICLEF, ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION, (co-authored with Hon. William C. Lee); "The Experience in the Northern District of Indiana with Mandatory Disclosures and the Impact of the Discovery Amendments," 1994, ICLEF, FEDERAL CIVIL PRACTICE; "Overview of the Local Rules and the Applicability and Interpretation of Amended Rule 26(a)," 1994, Federal Bar Association, CURRENT ISSUES IN CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAW; "The Administration of Civil Litigation in the Fort Wayne Division of the Northern District of Indiana," 1994, ICLEF, FEDERAL COURT FOR THE STATE COURT PRACTITIONER, (co-authored with Hon. William C. Lee); "An Early Judicial Perspective on the Americans With Disabilities Act," 1994, ICLEF, ADA: NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE LAW; 1995 Presenter on "Recent Developments in Federal Employment Law, " Allen County Bar Association, Employment Law Section;1996 Panel member for the ICLEF, THIRD-PARTY LIABILITY AFTER TORT REFORM; 1997 Panel member for the ICLEF, "Practical Tips for Success in Federal Civil Practice, Northern District of Indiana"; 1998 presenter for ICLEF, FEDERAL COURT PRACTICE FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF INDIANA; 1999 presenter for ICLEF, FEDERAL CIVIL PRACTICE FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF INDIANA;1999 presenter for ICLEF, THE TRIAL OF A SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASE; 2000 presenter for ICLEF, FEDERAL CIVIL PRACTICE FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF INDIANA; 2000 presenter for ICLEF, ADVANCED EMPLOYMENT LAW; "Motion Practice Pointers," 2000 presenter for ICLEF, RESOLVING EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION CLAIMS; Res Gestae, September 2000; 2001 presenter for ICLEF, "ADA:Past, Present & Future"; 2001 Presenter for ICLEF, "Ten Simple Ways to Be a Better Lawyer" "AN EVENING WITH THE JUDGES"; September 2001 faculty panelist for Federal Civil Practice for the Northern District of Indiana; 2002 Presenter for ICLEF, "UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE ARTICLE 2: SALE OF GOODS"; 2002 Chairperson of ICLEF, "DEFENDING A FEDERAL CRIMINAL CASE"; 2003 Presenter for ICLEF, ADVANCED FEDERAL PRACTICE;

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