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Information and Forms - Courtroom Technology

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana has an evidence presentation system available for attorneys to use while in trial at the Fort Wayne, Hammond, Lafayette and South Bend Courthouses. The streamlining of the litigation process through the implementation of advanced communication technologies has enhanced the court's ability to meet the needs of the bar and the public while preserving the dignity and fairness of the proceedings. The audio and visual means of presentation increases both efficiency and juror comprehension. The court encourages members of the bar to take advantage of this new courtroom technology. With minimal training, attorneys can present photos, documents, objects, videotapes and electronic presentations to focus juror attention on critical details.

This technology utilizes a video capture system that can be used to project the images of exhibits to one or more monitors throughout the courtroom permitting the judge, attorneys, witnesses and jury to view the images at the same time. A document camera is used to display the exhibits such as documents or medium-sized three dimensional objects which can be printed in color. This allows the operator to zoom in and highlight the most critical areas of the exhibit in detail. Some of the other features include an electronic pen (Pointmaker), allowing the operator and /or witness to make different colored electronic pencil marks on the projected image and print the image; a touch screen for the monitor located by the witness stand, allowing the witness to "write" in different colors on the projected image on the screen by using his finger as a writing instrument; and a monitor attached to the visual presenter (Elmo), allowing the operator to view the presented image at close-range giving counsel the ability to present evidence via a laptop computer. The means to play a VHS video tape throughout the system is also available.

Technology-ready counsel tables provide quick-connect capability for counsel to connect their laptop computer into the system. The courtrooms are augmented with fully integrated video conferencing. Two fixed video conferencing cameras are available for remote witness testimony, pretrial conferences or other court proceedings. The use of this technology is easily controlled from multiple touch panel controllers at the Judge's bench and the lectern.
(Video Conferencing Policy)

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