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Magistrate Judge Paul R. Cherry - Final Pretrial Conference
Magistrate Judge Paul R. Cherry
Suite 3500, U.S. Courthouse
5400 Federal Plaza
Hammond, IN 46320

Final Pretrial Conference

An Order for Pretrial Conference, Notice of Trial Setting and a comprehensive Order Controlling the Case will be issued in consented and non-consented cases following the preliminary pretrial conference. The Order sets forth the Final Pre-Trial conference date, the trial date and instructions relating to trial.

In consented cases, the parties shall email to the Court, in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word format to Judge Cherry's Chambers email address, at least one business day prior to the Final Pre-Trial Conference:
       1. Proposed Voir Dire questions
       2. Proposed case-specific Final Jury Instructions
       3. Proposed Pre-Trial Order

At the Final Pre-Trial Conference in consented cases before Magistrate Judge Cherry, he will give
counsel the deadline for the filing of written responses to Motions In Limine.

Pre-Trial Order: In addition to the disclosures required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(a)(3), each party shall provide the following information for inclusion in the proposed final pretrial order, which shall be drafted and filed by Defendant(s):

(1) In nonjury cases, proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, including citations for each conclusion of law, if available.

(2) Plaintiff(s)ís contentions

(3) Defendant(s)ís contentions

(4) Contested issues of fact

(5) Contested issues of law

(6) A stipulation of facts relating to jurisdiction and any other facts that may be stipulated.

(7) A statement of any objections to exhibits listed by other parties. Unless objections to authenticity are noted, copies of exhibits may be introduced in lieu of originals.

(8) For witnesses disclosed under Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(a)(3)(A), the brief general subject matter of each witnessís testimony.

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