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Judge Theresa L.Springmann
Judge Theresa L. Springmann
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Jury Trial Procedure

Trial dates are firm and motions to reset trial dates are discouraged. If it is necessary to file such a motion, it should be made at the earliest possible date. When requesting a continuance, the motion should specify what time period is needed (e.g., thirty, sixty days, etc.) and the section of the Speedy Trial Act that excludes the time period. Proposed forms of order must mirror motions to continue and, if continuance is requested under 18 U.S.C. 3161(h)(8)(A) (ends of justice), the proposed form of order must specifically state the reasons for continuance as required by that section.

Evidentiary disputes are usually taken up at sidebar or outside the jury's presence.

Counsel do not need to ask permission to approach the witness. Counsel need not use the podium. Counsel should stand when questioning witnesses and when addressing the Court. At all times, counsel should refrain from invading the space of the jurors or touching the rail of the jury box.

To make the trial more efficient and to enhance the presentation of the case, use of the courtroom technology is strongly encouraged. For example, it is unnecessary to approach a witness with a document. The courtroom's ELMO system may be used instead. Training for use of the technology is available by contacting the Courtroom Deputy at (260) 423-3051.

All exhibits should be labeled with the case number and identified by number or letter before trial. Copies are to be provided to the Court and to opposing counsel with an exhibit list. The government uses numbers; defendants use letters.

The Courtroom Deputy is the custodian of all exhibits admitted into evidence during trial. Offering counsel may retain any offered but not admitted exhibits. All admitted exhibits must be in the Clerk's possession during each recess or adjournment of the Court.

At the conclusion of trial, paper exhibits admitted into evidence will be maintained in the Clerk's Office vault, and contraband exhibits will be returned to the government upon signing a Clerk's receipt.

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