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The PACER system (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) is available days, nights, even weekends. All active and recently closed cases are yours for the asking, without having to make repeated trips to the court to review paper records.

PACER Security Notice

Web PACER allows you to retrieve electronic case summaries and docket information using your PC from any internet service provider. Click  
"Web Pacer - Login"
  to login to the system.

NOTE: you must have a valid id to access Web Pacer - see "TO REGISTER" below for more information.

You can search for a case by participant name or case number. Once you find the case you want, you can have the case and docket information transmitted to you, ready to print on your own printer.

An access fee of $0.10 per page or $3.00 per document will be assessed for INTERNET service.

To register please contact the   PACER Service Center.
In the San Antonio area call 210-308-3776.
Outside the San Antonio area call 1-800-676-6856.

Pacer Service Center
P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio, TX 78278

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  • Pacer Security Notice

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