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Judge Van Bokkelen: Final Pretrial Conference

The Final Pretrial Conference is conducted by Judge Van Bokkelen about three to four weeks before trial. Lead counsel for each side are required to participate in the conference.

At least 21 days before the Final Pretrial Conference, parties are to exchange written final lists of their contentions, witnesses, stipulations, and other information required for inclusion in the Pretrial Order, consistent with Appendix A.

Expert witnesses shall be disclosed in accordance with Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(a)(2).

Unless a deadline was previously established in the Report of the Parties’ Planning Meeting and approved by the Court, any evidentiary objections to another party’s expert witness, whether directed to the witness’s qualifications or to the foundation for the anticipated testimony, must be filed at least 11 days before the final pretrial conference. Failure to file such objections will be deemed a waiver of any objection to opinion testimony outlined in the statement filed by the witness’s proponent.

Motions in limine must be filed at least 5 business days before the final pretrial conference. A party may raise as many issues in a motion in limine as the case makes appropriate, but only one motion can be filed. Oral motions in limine will be allowed only for good cause shown. Motions should identify the evidence at issue with specificity. Any objections to a motion in limine must be filed by the time of the final pretrial conference.

A proposed Pretrial Order, in the form recommended by Appendix A of the Local Rules and signed by the parties, is to be filed 5 business days before the final pretrial conference. The proposed Pretrial Order is to be prepared by defense counsel unless otherwise directed by the Court and should also be emailed to Judge Van Bokkelen's Chambers in WordPerfect or Word format.