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News & Announcements: 2016-11

Check this page, or the News and Announcements box on the homepage, for the latest official news and announcements released by the court. You can also access archived news and announcements from this page.

Fri, 2016-11-18

At its September 2016 session, the Judicial Conference approved several changes to the federal court miscellaneous fee schedules.  As the result, effective December 1, 2016, certain fees on the District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule will...

Thu, 2016-11-17

Federal Rule Rule6(d) for computation of response and reply times changes.  Click here for details.

Thu, 2016-11-17

The U.S. Marshals are alerting the public of several nationwide imposter scams involving individuals claiming to be U.S. marshals, court officers, or other law enforcement officials. They are urging people to report the calls not only to their...

Mon, 2016-11-14

For useful information about electronically stored information, please visit the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program web page at