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INND Public Access to Court Hearings via Teleconference

• Apart from an authorized court reporter, all persons remotely participating are prohibited, under penalty of contempt, from recording or broadcasting any of the proceeding in any manner.

• During the conference call and while court is in session, please maintain proper telephone etiquette. 

• Mute your phone as applicable. Press *6 to mute your line, or press the mute button on your phone.

• Treat the phone conference as if you are sitting in the courtroom.

• Calling from a mobile phone might be affected by mobile phone service drops and/or static.

• The Courtroom Deputy and the Judge have no control over the quality of the conference call.

• If there is interference from your phone line, such as background noise or music, you will be dropped from the conference.

To join the conference:
  1. Call the AT&T main number for the specific judge from table below

  1. Enter the Access Code, followed by #

  1. Press # to join the conference 

  2. Mute your phone by pressing *6

Fort Wayne Judge Lee  888-363-4749 2386807#
  Judge Brady  877-336-1839 2206192#
  Judge Leichty  877-336-1280 4881472#
  Judge Collins  877-402-9757 3688378#
Hammond Judge Springmann  888-675-2535 9145512#
  Judge Moody 888-675-2535 7756778#
  Joseph Van Bokkelen 888-684-8852 9715623#
  Judge Simon  888-363-4749 9147763#
  Judge Rodovich  877-336-1274 4620540#
  Judge Kolar  877-336-1280 3293676#
  Judge Martin  877-873-8017 5155509#
South Bend Judge Miller 888-363-4749 6409377#
  Judge DeGuilio  877-336-1839 2977155#
  Judge Leichty  877-336-1280 4881472#
  Judge Gotsch  877-336-1828 5433302#