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Jury FAQs

  • What types of cases do you hear in this court?

    We hear civil and criminal cases in this court. A civil matter is a court proceeding in which one party seeks to recover money damages or other relief from another party. A criminal matter is one in which the government seeks to enforce a criminal law.

  • How many trials take place every week?

    Normally there are one or two trials a week.

  • Why do I always get summoned but other people don't?

    All people selected for jury service are selected at random from the voters registration list.

  • Why do I have to wait around so much as a juror?

    The judge and court staff work hard to reduce the time you spend waiting as a juror. However, waiting time cannot be completely eliminated. A trial is very important to the people involved and it is very important that things happen correctly. The law is also complex and many steps have to happen before, during, and after the trial. Try to be patient while waiting. Court staff will try to explain delays when possible. Be assured everyone is working to avoid delays.