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eJuror FAQs

  • What is eJuror?

    eJuror is an automated jury system on the court's website. Jury candidates can log into eJuror from home to complete forms such as the Qualification Questionnaire and the Summons and Notice of Jury Duty electronically.

  • I'm having trouble logging into eJuror. What should I do?

    If you are unable to login to eJuror, verify that you are using the full 9-digit Participant Number located at the top of your letter and your birthday.  If you still unable to login, please contact our Jury Office at 877-377-1219.

  • I need to complete my Qualification Questionnaire but I do not have a computer or Internet access. What should I do?

    The Court understands that not all prospective jurors have access to a computer. If the Court does not receive a timely response from you, a paper version of the Qualification Questionnaire will be automatically mailed to you.  Fill out the paper version of the questionnaire and return it in the enclosed envelope.

  • What if I have moved out of jurisdiction?

    Please complete the questionnaire through eJuror and when prompted to verify your address, update the address with the appropriate information.  When asked if you have been a resident in Indiana and/or resident of the same county for the past year, answer no.  Alternatively, if you are responding using the paper questionnaire, please write your new address on the front side of the questionnaire and sign your name at the bottom of the questionnaire. Then return it using the enclosed envelope.

  • What if the person who received the questionnaire has passed away?

    You may indicate the addressee is deceased by responding through eJuror. Alternatively, if you are completing a paper version of the Questionnaire, please write "deceased" on the front side of the questionnaire, the date of death, and sign your name and relationship to the deceased at the bottom of the questionnaire. Then return it using the enclosed envelope.

  • How do I know that eJuror is secure?

    The Court follows current best practices for database and server security, maintained by highly skilled Information Technology court staff, and supported by a dedicated national network security group.