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Judge Moody's FAQs

  • What do the initials after the case number mean?

    The initials after the case number refer to the judge originally assigned to the case. Thus, cases in front of Judge Moody usually have “JM” after the number. 

  • What does the magistrate judge handle?

    What does the magistrate judge handle?The magistrate judge assigned to each case handles all non-dispositive motions. The onlymajor exception to this rule is that Judge Moody handles continuances of sentencings, suppression hearings, oral argument, and other criminal and civil  earings. But the magistrate judge still handles all motions to continue civil or criminal trials. Forms of order for these motions should be sent to the appropriate chambers. Judge Moody’s email address is  Judge Martin's e-mail is and Judge Rodovich’s e-mail address is See Local Rule 72.1.


  • What happens at a trial management conference?

    The final pretrial conference, which occurs about one month before trial, is used to assign dates for the preparation of trial materials. The Court also usually conducts a settlement conference afterwards. The trial management conference generally occurs several days before trial. The purpose of the trial management conference is to resolve any last minute issues, rule on pending motions, and answer any questions the parties have about trial procedures. 


  • Do parties have to use CM/ECF?

    Yes, Electronic filing is required. For more information, contact the clerk’s office at 219-852-6500. 


  • Can I get a demonstration of the technology available in the courtroom?

    Yes, please contact the Courtroom Deputy at 219-852-3464 to set up an appointment. It will not be possible to schedule an appointment on jury selection day. 


  • How should parties mark exhibits?

    Exhibits should be pre-marked. By communicating with each other, the parties should pick one side to use numbers and the other side to use letters. 


  • Does the Court have a motion call day?

    No, there is no specific motion call day. If a party wants oral argument, they should

    request it via a motion. See Local Rule 7.5.


  • What should be in the pretrial order?

    See the Pretrial Order instructions and Appendix A to the Local Rules


  • Who should be present at a settlement conference?
  • What courtroom is Judge Moody in?

    Courtroom I.