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Judge Leichty: Final Pretrial Conference

The court will set a final pretrial conference—usually about 7 days before trial. At the conference, the court will discuss with counsel and each defendant trial readiness and preparations. Each defendant must attend the final pretrial conference, unless excused by the court in advance. Counsel must file a request for this purpose—either in a motion or in the defendant’s pretrial statement no less than 4 days before the final pretrial conference.

The court expects counsel to submit a pretrial statement before the final pretrial conference that addresses stipulations, exhibits and their admissibility, expert witnesses, and other matters covered by the court’s standard scheduling order. The court will take up these matters at the conference as well as motions in limine, preliminary determinations on any co-conspirator statements, any proffer of uncharged conduct under Fed. R. Evid. 404(b), and other pertinent issues.