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Judge Simon: Final Pretrial Conference

A final pretrial conference is normally held approximately 30 days prior to a civil trial setting. No later than 5 business days prior to the final pretrial conference, the parties are required to file a proposed final pretrial order. The contents of the final pretrial order should conform to the requirements set out in the “Order for Pretrial Conference, Notice of Trial Setting and Order Controlling the Case” previously issued in the case. Samples of an Order for Pretrial Conference containing the requirements and of a proposed Final Pretrial Order are below.

At the final pretrial conference, Judge Simon will give the parties deadlines for filing materials in advance of trial. This includes deadlines for filing proposed jury instructions, voir dire questions, motions in limine, and trial briefs, and deadlines for the exchange of exhibits, witness lists and subpoenas. Below is the outline that Judge Simon uses in establishing deadlines in most civil cases. The outline is, of course, subject to alteration in a case of unusual complexity or given other circumstances of a particular case.