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Judge Theresa Lazar Springmann: Final Pretrial Conference

Final Pretrial Conferences are typically conducted telephonically about two weeks before trial.

Lead counsel for each side is required to participate in the conference.

In advance of the conference, the parties are to file a completed Pretrial Order in the form recommended by Appendix A of the Local Rules of the Northern District of Indiana.

Written motions in limine are also to be filed by the date of the final pretrial conference. The Court may set an expedited briefing schedule and a telephonic ruling conference on the motions to allow for ruling before the trial.

Proposed jury instructions and verdict forms are also to be filed in advance of the conference. In addition to filing electronically, parties are requested to submit courtesy copies in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word format to Judge Theresa Lazar Springmann's Chambers email address

The Court does not typically require the submission of trial briefs or trial books.

The Court does not require the submission of voir dire questions.