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General Orders

Numbersort descending Date Filed Description
2010-01 01/01/2010 In Re: Local Rules Advisory Committee for the Northern District of Indiana
2010-02 01/29/2010 In Re: Extension of Procurement Committee Authority
2010-03 01/22/2010 Memorandum of Understanding Between the United States District Court, Northern District of Indiana, and the United States Marshals Service Regarding the Creation, Retention, Use, and Disposal of Courtroom Security Surveillance Video Recordings
2010-04 04/19/2010 Plan for the Administration of the District Court Library and Court Administration Fund
2010-05A 04/19/2010 General Order Granting Motion for Adoption of Collateral Forfeiture Schedule
2010-06 04/19/2010 General Order Approving CM/ECF Civil and Criminal User Manual (superseded by 2010-17)
2010-07 04/19/2010 In Re: Assignment of Criminal Cases (superseded by 2010-19)
2010-08 05/14/2010 In Re: Additional Presentence Procedures - Supplement to General Order 2001-1
2010-09 05/26/2010 In Re: Assignment of Criminal Cases (supersedes 2010-7)
2010-10 05/26/2010 In Re: Assignment of Civil Cases (supersedes 2007-20 and 2007-20A)