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General Orders

Number Date Filedsort descending Description
2011-12 11/03/2011 In the Matter of the Utilization of District Court Space for Official and Non-official Court Functions
2011-14 11/14/2011 Order Approving Hammond CJA Panel Members (superseded by 2013-3)
2011-13 11/14/2011 In Re: The Establishment of Maximum Rates Per Page For Transcripts Effective January 12, 2012 (supersedes 2007-16)
2011-16 12/20/2011 In The Matter of: Rules of Practice - Local Rules Adopted effective 1/1/2012
2012-02 01/06/2012 In Re: Local Rules Advisory Committee - Members Appointed
2012-01 01/06/2012 In Re: Attorney Grievance Committee - Special Counsel Vacated (supersedes 2011-10)
2012-03 01/12/2012 In Re: Assignment of Civil Cases (superseded by 2012-10)
2012-04 01/31/2012 In Re: Use of Government Vehicles (supersedes 2011-11)
2012-05 02/17/2012 In Re: Application for Exemption from Electronic Public Access Fees by Morgan L. W. Hazelton
2012-06 03/15/2012 In the Matter of the Appointment of a Merit Selection Panel to Consider Applicants for the Position of Magistrate Judge