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General Orders

Number Date Filedsort descending Description
2014-05 06/20/2014 In Re: Attorney Grievance Committee - Order of Appointment
2014-06 08/15/2014 In the Matter of: Rules of Practice - Local Rule Amendment
2014-08 09/04/2014 In Re: Rescission of General Order No. 1999-8 on Standard Conditions of Supervision
2014-07 09/04/2014 In Re: Assignment of Civil Cases (superseded by 2015-7)
2014-09 10/07/2014 In Re: Fort Wayne CJA Panel Members (supersedes General Order 2012-13)
2014-10 12/18/2014 In Re: Hammond CJA Panel Members (superseded by 2016-7)
2015-1 01/07/2015 In the Matter of the Designation and Appointment of Honorable Susan L. Collins
2015-2 01/15/2015 In Re: The Reassignment of Cases Assigned or Referred to Retiring Magistrate Judge Roger B. Cosbey
2015-3 05/28/2015 South Bend CJA Panel Members (supersedes 2014-4)
2015-8 05/28/2015 Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds