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General Orders

Numbersort ascending Date Filed Description
2008-04 06/06/2008 Order Appointing Attorney Grievance Committee
2008-02A 05/01/2008 Order granting Motion to Adopt Collateral Schedule for United States Department of Veterans Affairs
2008-01 02/27/2008 In Re: Application for Exemption from Electronic Public Access Fees by The Supreme Court of the State of Indiana
2007-20A 04/01/2008 Assigment of Civil Cases - Supplement to General Order No. 2007-20 (superseded by 2010-10)
2007-20 12/18/2007 Assignment of Civil Cases (superseded by 2010-10)
2007-19 12/03/2007 Assignment of Criminal Cases (superseded by 2010-7)
2007-18 11/14/2007 Amendment of Local Rule 40.1
2007-17 10/25/2007 Order approving Fort Wayne CJA Panel Members (superseded by 2009-16)
2007-16 10/26/2007 Order Establishing Maximum Rates Per Page for Transcripts (superseded by 2011-5)
2007-13 08/21/2007 Designation and and Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Christopher A. Nuechterlein