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General Orders

Number Date Filedsort ascending Description
2010-12 08/26/2010 In Re: Application for Exemption from Electronic Public Access Fess by Stanford Law School Assistant Professor of Law, David Freeman Engstrom
2010-11 05/26/2010 Order approving South Bend CJA Panel Members (superseded by 2011-7)
2010-10 05/26/2010 In Re: Assignment of Civil Cases (supersedes 2007-20 and 2007-20A)
2010-09 05/26/2010 In Re: Assignment of Criminal Cases (supersedes 2010-7)
2010-08 05/14/2010 In Re: Additional Presentence Procedures - Supplement to General Order 2001-1
2010-07 04/19/2010 In Re: Assignment of Criminal Cases (superseded by 2010-19)
2010-06 04/19/2010 General Order Approving CM/ECF Civil and Criminal User Manual (superseded by 2010-17)
2010-05A 04/19/2010 General Order Granting Motion for Adoption of Collateral Forfeiture Schedule
2010-04 04/19/2010 Plan for the Administration of the District Court Library and Court Administration Fund
2010-02 01/29/2010 In Re: Extension of Procurement Committee Authority