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NextGen: Prior to November 8, 2021

NextGen: Prior to November 8, 2021, Attorney E-filers must do the following in order to continue to file electronically in NextGen:

  1. Obtain your own individual PACER account (click here to learn more) OR Upgrade your existing PACER account (click here to learn more). Shared PACER accounts will no longer be useable once the court has upgraded, therefore, you MUST have your own individual PACER account.
  2. You must know your current ECF Login and Password prior to November 8. If you do not remember your current ECF Password for filing in the Northern District of Indiana, you can use the Password Reset Link provided on the Northern District of Indiana’s CM/ECF login page: CM/ECF USDC-INND Live login (

If you need further assistance retrieving or resetting your current ECF login/password prior to November 8, please contact the Clerk's office via email at:; or by phone: (574) 246-8045.